5 Ways to Incorporate Hard Cider into your Cooking

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

With autumn on the way, I've been thinking a lot about how you can cook and create dishes using traditional cider.

Autumn Soup | Pumpkin Cider Soup | Photographer: Cayla1
Autumn Soup | Photographer: Cayla1

Cider is starting to make a huge appearance in Canada, it appeals to both wine and beer markets. The similarities of fruit fermentation and letting the fruit express flavours; it's exactly like a wine but has its own characteristics; however has the alcohol content of a beer (5-8%). Cider is a gluten free option; being a celiac-friendly, fruit based, alcoholic beverage, why not try cooking with it, right?

I'm very excited to share these finds with you, try them out myself and make my own recipes with traditional cider, like this pumpkin, apple cider soup.

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1: Braising with Hard Cider

Braising is a great cooking method to replace water or white wine with hard cider. Braising in a dish helps break down the tissue that binds the muscle of the meat. Chatelaine Magazine said Braising Is One Of The Best Ways To Cook Meat; and I agree, it packs such great flavour with very little effort. Try braising and adding cider to the liquids after pan-searing the meat. Make sure to leave the lid on, or all the liquid and a lot of the flavours will evaporate.

2: Baking with Hard Cider