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About the Owners

Katie and Craig had a crazy idea to start a hard cider business… from scratch. They knew it wouldn’t be easy but they decided to start down the entrepreneurial path.


After looking at numerous properties and regions, they always came back to, what they referred to as ‘the stone house property’. Located centrally in Prince Edward County, and just minutes from Picton, Bloomfield, Sandbanks Provincial Park and Wellington, was a 23 acre property with a gorgeous old stone house. Craig and Katie fell in love with this stone house but never in their wildest dreams did they think they could actually afford let alone purchase this beautiful old stone house.


So after many talks and a few ciders, they opted to take a chance and sell everything they owned in hopes that it would be enough to build their dream.

Through lots of work and sweat equity they began transforming the property and growing their dream. They planted the orchard. They renovated and restored the old stone house. They built the production building, and Katie began brewing some hard ciders. And the rest is history!


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a premium craft cider for everyday people. The process is simple, we use real ingredients to craft a beautiful, farm to table cider.

Our Promise

We promise that our product is made from only apples sourced from here in Ontario and that we will only ever use quality ingredients. You won't see “flavourings” or “essences” in our products. If it tastes like something you want to bet that there are real ingredients!

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