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Cranberry Ginger Cider Cocktail

A great cocktail mixing the all the best flavours of Fall! Apple, ginger and cranberry.

Do you have a favourite cocktail that could be made with cider? Let us know and we may feature your recipe!



2oz Cranberry Juice

2oz Ginger Beer or Ginger ale

2oz Whisky

½oz Lime Juice

2oz Hard Cider (We use Cranberry Sage)


Add cranberry juice, whisky and lime juice to a tall glass. Pour ginger beer or ginger ale (ginger beer for a spicier beverage) and top off with hard cider and ice cubes. Top with cranberries, lime wedge, mint or sprig of sage as a garnish and enjoy!

Let us know if you try the recipe out and tag us on Instagram.


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