Bath Soaks

Bath Soaks


All bath products are handmade with the top quality ingredients designed to help melt away stress and relax. The milk baths have 3-4 different moisturizing compounds to make your skin feel soft and renewed. Bath salts help to relleive tired muscles and relax. 

Add the reccomended amount to a warm bath and enjoy. Each bag is good for 8-12 baths

Coconut & Rose Milk Bath- notes of coconut and british rose
Spice Oat and Honey Milk Bath- notes of fresh baked oatmeal cookies
Grapefruit Milk Bath- notes of juicy grapefruit
Winter's Hug Milk Bath- notes of citrus and eucalyptus (great to clear sinuses)

Refresh Bath Salts- notes of grapefruit and orange
Sleep Bath Salts- notes of lavender

Youthful Bath Salts- notes of rose and wildflowers
Detox Bath Salts- activated charcoal and notes of eucalyptus and citrus


Bubbling Bath Salts- perfect for kids and smells like cotton candy