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Hard Cider Maple Butter

Delicious easy butter that is a guarantee to please everyone!

Whats better than a slice of bread with butter? How about cider bread with a cider maple butter? Now we're talking, this recipe for a flavoured butter is so easy to whip up you'll be making it more than you think. Pairing it up with a bread from Kirbie's which also calls for hard cider is a match made in heaven!

Do you add maple to other ingredients??



1 cup soft unsalted butter (Room temperature)

1 tbsp hard cider (non-carbonated or flat)

2 tbsp pure maple syrup

salt to taste


Whisk together all the ingredients until blended and smooth. Add salt to taste. Move to a dish and serve at room temperature (easy spreading).

Try the butter with Kirbie's Hard Apple Cider Bread

Let us know if you try the recipe out and tag us on Instagram.


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